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Updated: Mar 30, 2016



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Understanding How Lexia or Reading Plus Affects Your Child's Reading Grade:


At OACS students are required to participate in Lexia (grades VPK-3) and Reading Plus (grades 3-8) as a part of the Florida Conference's adopted curriculum.  Students minimum requirement each week is 80 minutes (20 minutes per evening Monday through Thursday).  This means that active participation or non-participation will affect your child' grade.  Each week, as teachers deliver lessons they cover four core content areas:  Foundational Skills (word work, phonics, vocabulary), Literature and Information (the five areas of comprehension--facts, inferences, visual literacy, critical literacy, and creative literacy), and assessment (oral running records, DRA assessments, and Lexia/Reading Plus).  In grades K-2, students will usually complete a guided reading lesson focusing on a particular book in one week.  In grades 3-8 this period may become bi-weekly as the material becomes more complex.  This is up to the individual teacher to determine.

Each week (grades K-2) or bi-weekly (grades 3-8) the teacher should have at least one grade for foundational skills, a grade for each of the five areas of comprehension, the oral running record or DRA grade (accuracy and fluency), and two grades for Lexia/Reading Plus (minutes met and comprehension/skills attainment for that week).  As with all our grades, Lexia/Reading Plus grades should be entered using our school-wide standard-based grading rubric.  Therefore, a minimum of ten (10) assignments should be recorded either weekly or bi-weekly.  Two of the grades for each weekly or bi-weekly cycle should be from Lexia/Reading Plus.  This means about 20% of any weekly or bi-weekly set of grades should come from these online resources.  Occasionally this grading routine may fluctuate for special projects at the teacher's discretion.  If you have specific questions, please contact your child's teacher.